Team Building

In this team building short course, your work-group will be able to openly review how you are all working together, and evaluate what opportunities exist to improve both your performance and the quality of your working relationships with each other.

As the team identifies specific ways it can learn, grow and develop together, benefits can include:


* Increased productivity and service levels for the organisation

* Improved levels of job satisfaction for team-members
* Improved cohesion and understanding within the team

This short course is highly interactive - with discussions, activities, and team exercises – offering a balance between challenge, discovery and fun. The workshop facilitator, Brian Carroll, is an experienced psychologist, trainer and coach. The workshop duration and specific themes can be tailored to your desired outcomes. Content can include ....

- Understanding individual differences
- Revisiting roles, standards and expectations
- Reviewing goals and priorities
- Productive meetings and team decision-making
- Leveraging off each others skills and strengths

Short Courses - team building
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